Festival Internazionale
 Giornalismo Investigativo 

Anteprima Roma 24-25 gennaio 2014

Il Festival Internazionale Giornalismo Investigativo si propone come uno spazio aperto, dove esperti internazionali di tecniche investigative si confronteranno attraverso laboratori e seminari su esperienze, metodologie e strumenti, ed un luogo di presentazione al largo pubblico con un calendario di eventi culturali, tematici e aggregativi di forte richiamo.

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Many business owners are successive business enterprise builders. The fact that they sell a person company doesn’t imply retirement for them, it just indicates the opportunity to begin an additional business enterprise that has been lurking in the back again of their minds. In truth quite a few business owners appreciate the developing up of a enterprise practically much more than the lucrative results it gets.

Now, the TASER X26 has surpassed the M26. It is substantially scaled-down and lighter, but at the similar time it is much more potent. As time goes on, the TASER will only get far better and much better.

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